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JB Industrial sells many types of valves for mining service, valves for abrasion, slurry, and corosion.  Pinch Valves, Plug Valves, Ball Valves, Diaphram Valves, Knife Gates valves for mining (Urethane Lined, Rubber Lined, Monel Lined, Teflon Lined), Ceramic lined valves, pipe, and fittings.

Valves to Temp. 1800F, any size. 

JB Industrial Sales, LLC, can usually make any type of valve you need, we represent many manufacturers, such as:

Lined Valve Company, A-C Valve, North Port Valve, Larox Valve, Jarecki Valve, Ceresist,




Knife Gate

Knife Gate Valves for Water Treatment, Tunnels, Mining & Pulp & Paper


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