Alloy Pipe & Fittings

Special Alloy Pipe & Fittings

JB Industrial Sells specialty pipe and fittings 316, 317, Duplex, Alloy 20, Hastelloy, Incoloy, Titanium, (Teflon, Kynar, Ceramic Lined) , carbon steel, Chrome Moly, etc.

We sell by the length or cut to length.  If its 'hard to find', call us.  MTR'S upon request.

Ceramic lined Pipe & Fittings

Ceresist manufactures Ceramic piping systems, they also sell ceramic ball valves and butterfly valves.

Can line your equipment , pipe, fittings, reducers, etc.

Ceramic lined Orifice Flanges for abrasive applications, available w/ replacable inserts.

FRP-Dual Laminate Pipe and Fittings

RPS-Sealtech FRP pipe, lined and unlined, as well as Dual Laminate systems.

Manufacture, engineer-design, and construction.

Mining Pipe & Fittings

FRP Pipe, lined or unlined, Lined with Kynar, Teflon, High Density Polythelene, CPVC.

FRP fittings, spools, tank covers, etc.

CERAMIC Lined pipe, fittings, Valves, and can lined your fabrication with Ceramic.

Special Alloy  Pipe and Fittings, Weld-o-Lets, Hangers made out of FRP and Alloys.

Expansion Joints, Rubber, Teflon, Metal (any Alloy), Cloth, any size .

Special Hangers or Supports made from T-1, or what ever you desire.

Titanium / Hastelloy Pipes & Fittings

We hold stock and supply Titanium Pipe, Titanium Fittings, Special Alloy Fasteners, Ceramic Hastelloy.

Pipe Hangers

Supports; all types, spring hangers, hangers made to order, any alloy.

 Unistrut hangers available in 316SS, as well as U-Bolts, Two-bolt pipe clamps, etc.

We can make any hanger style out of any alloy.